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November 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

At YAIPak Outreach everything starts with the Extravagant Love of Christ. God pursues each one of us to redefine our identity, restore our dignity, and remind us how deeply we are loved. With a focus on women, children, and veterans, we are witnessing that power of Extravagant Love each day.

Our warehouse for donation drop-offs and volunteer hours is located at 1255 Paradise Hill Rd.

We are open for donations and volunteers on:

  • Mondays: 9 am - 12 pm

  • Wednesdays: 12 - 2 pm

  • Thursdays: 5 - 8 pm

YAIPak Outreach in the Community

Be the Hope Banquet 2022

We are so incredibly excited for the opportunity to share all that is happening at YAIPak Outreach with you at our 4th annual Be The Hope Banquet!

This year’s Thanksgiving of Hope will be all about sharing Hope with our community and those who have supported us so well throughout the years. This last year has been full of change, growth, exciting miracle moments and so much MORE!

We will have a phenomenal guest speaker, Leo Millan, hear from our founder, Sherry Nicholson, and learn of so many things to look forward to! We will also have a special performance by America's Got Talent contestant, Ben Waites!

You won’t want to miss this amazing night. Gather your friends and register here

If you require more information or have any questions please contact Chris at or 615.559.7710.

Operation Honor was a great success! Over 665 Veterans and their families were taken care of to meet basic essential needs of hygiene, food, and even fun books to read for each kiddo! Families' lives were touched and impacted and we are so grateful to be a part. This is what one mom had to say…

“We literally moved from Germany to Fort Campbell within the last week. My daughter went through cancer treatments and we are here due to a compassionate reassignment. We just got our house but won't receive our home goods until friend took me to pick up stuff from you all. I just want to tell you how thankful I am. Things add up so quickly (we have 4 small kids) and you helped fill my freezer, pantry, bathroom, etc. My kids LOVE the books! I just can't believe people still care about total strangers to do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your program really helped our family ”

We are so grateful for the seeds planted and the lives impacted. Thank you for being a part with us.

To some, this may just look like a couple of pillows and some boxes. But to a Foster Parent, this looks like smiles to a 7-year-old boy that has been sleeping on the floor.

A huge thank you to Nashville Predators Foundation empowered by Smile Direct Club who granted us funding to be able to purchase brand new beds and mattresses for our #ProjectFosterHope

With this funding, we have purchased and sent out new beds for children who have endured so much. A new bed can mean relief from nightmares or other things. A new bed is a place of comfort and safety and it is just that child’s! We are so grateful.

The Nashville Predators Foundation and the Smile Direct Club have been extremely supportive of our organization and there are more fun announcements ahead!! Keep watch and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! You won't want to miss what's to come!!

Your Generosity at Work

A thin 53-year-old man is looking carefully in our clothes bins for pants. The pair he’s wearing are very worn and will soon be of no use to him. Most of us don’t think about clothes being useful, but the way he carefully examined them, you could tell he wasn’t interested in flattery. He finds a few pairs and walks up to the trailer. With a smile that reaches his tired eyes, he says in a quiet but kind voice, I just wanted to say thank you so very much. This is truly kind that you offer these things to us. And I promise I’ll bring back the pair that doesn’t fit. I won’t be wasteful.

I noticed he found a pair of military camo pants and commented. He shared, they’re the most durable. I need clothing that will hold up for a long time. I ask him where he’s staying. He says I’m staying out the way, back in the woods. I asked him what else he needs. I could really use a strong military backpack he answers. I said, oh yes, they’re great storage with many zippers and pockets. He shakes his head and tells me, I don’t need the pockets because I really don’t have much. I need them because they are strong and hold up best. I can fit everything I have in them. I’ve been through others and my friend still has his military one. I search in our trailer and didn’t have a military backpack. I showed him another and he says, I think that will help for now. And again, he smiles with gratitude. I try to offer other things, but he says that he has enough.

Wow. Who says they have enough when all they own fits in a backpack? These encounters are truly life-changing. People who only take what they need in the moment they actually need it because that’s all they can carry. Living outside, but trying to hide so they aren’t in the way. And yet….still smiling. Still kind. Still grateful. Still getting on with life. These are such small moments, but they have incredible impacts resonating for hours and days with me. I see their faces as I drive to my home. My incredible fortune in having a building to protect me and a car to get me there never failing to remind me: Stay grateful. Stay humble. Keep being the hope. For when you think you have nothing, you always have hope. And we can all be the hope to others who need it. “ •••YAITeam Member•••

Their lives change ours. It’s that simple.

To make an impact on theirs, follow our AmazonSmile link to purchase necessities…

How You Can Help

OPERATION TURKEY DROP It’s pretty much the most prepared for dinner in the whole calendar year! And without the help of our community and Operation Turkey Drop over 500 Veterans would go without on this special Thanksgiving holiday. This year we have the opportunity to make a change for 500 men and women who have served our country…it’s time to serve them and WE NEED YOU! We are currently collecting items to prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings!!

• 1 small turkey • 1 box of stuffing • 1 box of instant potatoes • 1 package of gravy • 2 cans of sweet potatoes or candied yams • 2 cans green beans • 2 cans corn • 1 cranberry sauce • 1 cornbread mix • 1 boxed dessert (brownies, cookies, etc)

**Items for meals can be dropped off through Thursday, Nov. 10th by 8pm. (1255 Paradise Hill Rd) Or you can sponsor a Veteran’s meal for $60 through monetary giving on our online platform below and memo it “Turkey Drop” ** --> Give Online

Volunteer Spotlight

Heather Hansen

How long have you been volunteering with YAIPak Outreach? About 2 1/2 years total What made you want to volunteer with YAIPak Outreach? I wanted something in the community to plug into shortly after moving to Clarksville in 2019. As an Army spouse, I always found that volunteering somewhere was a great way to learn about the community, serve in it and make friends. When we moved here as retired Army, I wanted to jump in similarly. How did you find out about YAIPak Outreach? I heard about YAIPak after finding my new church home, Life Point, in the summer of 2019. What’s your favorite part of being at the warehouse? I have 3 favorites: 1) Every single time I’m at the warehouse, I am reminded of all the hope there is in this world, despite how awful, ugly and traumatic life can be sometimes. Where there are ashes, I get to see a glimpse of the beauty that sometimes comes out of the fires. 2) I am blown away at how many dedicated, amazing people make this huge ministry thrive. 3) The growth of YAIPak I can’t really keep up with as a weekly volunteer, but I am moved to tears when I get a glimpse of how it is impacting those in need in our community and beyond. What would you tell someone wanting to jump into volunteering? Look at your calendar, pick a day over the next week that you can volunteer and make it a priority. There will be no regrets. There is truly something for everyone to do at the warehouse. Every volunteer that comes to assist allows YAIPak to bless more people in our community.

If you'd like to be a part of impacting lives, please go to

Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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