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April 2024

Spring Fling 2024

From birthday girls excited to pick out whatever they want for their birthday, to families getting their everyday needs met, it was an absolute joy serving our community for Spring Fling 2024!Through generous donations we were able to impact 950 adults and 870 children. Smiles filled faces, tears streamed down cheeks with hearts filled and needs met. Food filled cabinets, and summer clothing went to new homes. Mommies received formula, diapers and more. Bombas socks and undies filled bags. Above all, families were loved.We are so grateful for all of our amazing volunteers and to the Clarksville Police Department for their assistance as well! Thank you!


Texas YAIPak Outreach. Please meet our Director of operations. YAIPak launched a little year ago through the generous donation of a warehouse in Katy Texas. With the support of Pastor Robert at Powehouse Church and the local community YAIPak has now reached over 120,000 families in the metropolitan area.


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