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December 2023

At YAIPak Outreach everything starts with the Extravagant Love of Christ. God pursues each one of us to redefine our identity, restore our dignity, and remind us how deeply we are loved. With a focus on women, children and veterans, we are witnessing that power of Extravagant Love each day. Our warehouse for donation drop-offs and volunteer hours is located at: 1255 Paradise Hill Rd. We are open for donations and volunteers on Mondays from 9am to 12pm, Wednesdays from 12 to 2pm, and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm.


YAIPak Outreach in the Community

We CANNOT believe that it is December and 2023 is quickly coming to a close. The amount of gratitude in our hearts feels like it could never be matched! We look back on this year and see the countless hours spent in the warehouse preparing for special events, outreaches, engagement in the community and so much more. We know that without YOU we could not do what we do and so for that we want to say THANK YOU!

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ...

We are so very excited to announce a very special project in partnership with Clarksville Housing Authority and Clarksville Police Department.

Patriot Pantries are being strategically placed throughout Montgomery County & Fort Campbell to combat hunger. Bringing sustainable food straight to the neighborhood, making it easy and accessible to families and children in need. We know that there are many economical challenges that are impacting families. But NO ONE should go hungry.

With our partners, these pantries will be continually filled and monitored

We are so grateful for Boy Scout Troop 562 and the craftsmanship in which these two pantries have been built. The sustainable food pantries are located at Summit Heights and Lincoln homes. 10 other pantries are currently active. And more will be established soon.

A huge thank you to the men from Hope Center Ministries Clarksville, LifePoint Church's Youth, and Small Group Pastors. And as always a huge thank you to our YAIPak Board Members.


Do you know a family in need this holiday season?! 

Here are a couple of events that may help steer them in the right direction. Any questions? Please feel free to reach out.


Your Generosity at Work

Jolly Merry Christmas 2023

It was an extraordinary night celebrating the power of love through fostering. Approximately 200 children, 2000 gifts, and the amazing foster parents were taken on a shopping spree that not only met tremendous needs. But filled every volunteers heart who served.

Many heard real life stories of the struggles , the joys, and challenges and the heartbreaks. Hugs, smiles, and tears filled the room. Parents left with special gifts for under the Christmas trees and food to fill pantries.

A few words from those who came ….

"Tonight was so much fun! What a privilege it is to help such sweet families!"

"Tonight was very humbling, rewarding, and fun! "

“And they're asking if we can do it again next year. The families weren't the only ones impacted”

“This means so much to our families! It has been an extremely hard year.”

“With all the medical cost and increase in groceries we don’t know if we could give Christmas. But because of what you’ve done, our families will remember this Christmas and celebrate what we’ve been so blessed with”

“This Jeep Crew is just amazing. Tonight we were able to help YAIPak Outreach with their YAIPak operation Jolly Merry Christmas for Foster Families . Foster families were able to come in and pick gifts for their foster kids. Some of the stories just stopped me in my tracks. One lady had a 1 month old with her, but is also fostering a 4 month old in addition to a couple more young kids. Another lady came and as we were trying to help make her selection, said that she wasn’t sure because she had just gotten him a few hours ago. Foster parents were able to bring their kids to play in the winter wonderland while they did their shopping. Once they were done, they could have their presents wrapped before they left. It definitely put me in the Christmas spirit!”

What a way to end the year! We are so blessed to be a part of this amazing community.


How You Can Help

Amazon Smile is discontinuing but your impact doesn't have to! Please visit the new shopping links below to pick which project you would love to be a part of! Thank you so very much for your continued generosity. We sincerely appreciate every donation we received that allows us to provide support for the projects we deliver. We’ve now set up 4 different WISH lists so you can choose the project you’d like to shop for online. Project Foster Hope:*hV2 **We are in need of kid's Fall and Winter clothing items at this time as well as Maternity clothes, strollers and child car seats for all ages** Project Patriot Hope: **We are in need of dishes sets, pots and pans sets, and silverware sets at this time** Be The Hope: Sleeping Bags, 1-gallon propane, Hot Hands Project Rebuild Hope: You ARE making a difference!

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