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March 2023

At YAIPak Outreach everything starts with the Extravagant Love of Christ. God pursues each one of us to redefine our identity, restore our dignity, and remind us how deeply we are loved. With a focus on women, children and veterans, we are witnessing that power of Extravagant Love each day. Our warehouse for donation drop offs and volunteer hours is located at 1255 Paradise Hill Rd. We are open for donations and volunteers on Mondays from 9am to 12pm, Wednesdays from 12 to 2pm, and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm.


YAIPak Outreach in the Community

Some memories live forever, whether as a scar or a stain — they can’t be wiped away.We continue to receive calls on women struggling. The burden of homelessness can erode even the strongest minds.

This elderly woman enjoys reliving the past. We’ve met her before. Today, she’s wearing a motorcycle helmet. We listen while she waits to catch the bus. She knows the exact minute it’s supposed to arrive. Her eyes light up as she starts telling us her story.

Sometimes we hear things she wished for and not necessarily what was. Who can blame her for wanting to change her story when she was younger and happy in the prime of her life? She’s doing her best to keep it together, but that isn’t always possible. Thoughts of people who wronged her take up all her energy tearing away at her self control. She crumbles and needs time to pick up the pieces of her wounded heart. She’s easily misunderstood.

We share her joy over happier days when life was simpler, in a place that holds her best memories. We applaud her accomplishments and admire her triumphs. Her memories are sustaining her for a time. We know how important it is for her to share them.

It was a full and busy Saturday the last weekend of February. Our team was joined by the Next Generation Department of LifePoint Church. We watched as a flood of red shirts took over downtown Clarksville, the location of our previous home on 2nd and 3rd Street, where you can now find the Press.

Millan Enterprises in all their generosity provided these spaces for years before our move over to Paradise Hill Rd, which is now our forever home!

The project of the clear out these two spaces and finally bring all of our items under one roof. We are so incredibly grateful for the hard work of these students and young adults. They had a major undertaking when committing to this project, but as we looked around throughout the day we saw laughter, joy, inside jokes forming and bonds that are only made while serving together. It is our greatest joy and honor to be officially HOME IN PARADISE!

Thank you LifePoint Church, the Gathering YA, and LPC students for all you have accomplished. We are so grateful to be home.


Your Generosity at Work

YAIPak Outreach - Texas Division is thriving! Since their launch and delivery of first supplies in late January their impact has been incredible! Whether touching local organizations in Katy, TX or their recent reach to Mobile, AL, they have stayed true to the mission. Finding those in need and letting them know how truly important they are. Here are some of the things they have experienced and been able to do in a very short amount of time...They are ready and zealous to do so much more!!

"YAIPak Texas in partnership with PowerHouse Church Katy and The Attic ministries had an awesome outreach tonight at Green Meadows Apartments. We were able to bless these kids with toys and the Gospel!"

"PowerHouse Church Katy and YAIPak Texas we’re meeting the needs of Tender Mercy Ministries. They have a transition and sober living house for men and women. YAIPak Outreach was able to supply clothing and hygiene products to help further their ministry!"

Thank you YAIPak Texas for truly grasping on what it means to "Reach the World, by Impacting Communities". We can't wait to see what's next!


Urgent Need and Request

We have a transitional home graciously donated by Millan Enterprises that will change lives.

AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! These home will transform the lives of some of our most vulnerable. They are in the remodel stage right now and we NEED carpenters, handymen, contractors, and those with skills to help in these areas:

• Siding install - We have materials on-site but need labor. • Flooring install - We need materials and labor for this. • Drywall install - We need materials and labor for this. • Insulation install - We need materials and labor for this. • Exterior & Interior Paint - We need materials and labor for this.

If you are able to assist in any of the areas mentioned above and help in transforming a home that will transform lives please contact: Lynsey Littlejohn 931.206.4768 Construction Administrator Millan Enterprises Sherry Nicholson 270.836.2651 615.559.7710 CEO/Founder YAIPak Outreach


How You Can Help

Amazon Smile is discontinuing but your impact doesn't have to! Please visit the new shopping links below to pick which project you would love to be a part of!

Thank you so very much for your continued generosity. We sincerely appreciate every donation we received that allows us to provide support for the projects we deliver.

We’ve now set up 4 different lists so you can choose the project you’d like to shop for online. Project Foster Hope: Project Patriot Hope: Be The Hope: Project Rebuild Hope: You ARE making a difference!


Business Spotlight

Optimal Electric Pro was founded on one principle: to provide the highest quality electrical work to the Clarksville area.

O.E.P. is dedicated to supplying quality electrical services to the Clarksville and surrounding areas. Their team has over 80 years of combined experience to handle all your electrical needs, from installing a lightbulb to rewiring an entire building. McLain & Kacie Bryant have done a phenomenal job opening and running this business with excellence, integrity, and endurance to run through hard moments. We would absolutely LOVE if you could take the time to write OEP a 5 star Google Review! This company has greatly blessed and impacted us here at YAIPak Outreach and most recently has outfitted our warehouse spaces with brand new electrical fittings!

If you'd like to be a part of impacting lives, please go to

Also, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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