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August 2023

At YAIPak Outreach everything starts with the Extravagant Love of Christ. God pursues each one of us to redefine our identity, restore our dignity, and remind us how deeply we are loved. With a focus on women, children and veterans, we are witnessing that power of Extravagant Love each day. Our warehouse for donation drop offs and volunteer hours is located at 1255 Paradise Hill Rd. We are open for donations and volunteers on Mondays from 9am to 12pm, Wednesdays from 12 to 2pm, and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm.


YAIPak Outreach in the Community

O.A.K Mission 2023

The morning was buzzing with excitement as the YAI Team & volunteers were getting the event set up at Jellico Elementary School in Campbell County, TN.

  • Baby equipment area with toys and diapers.

  • Loaded Grocery bags and laundry detergent.

  • School Supplies and brand new backpacks

  • Clothing and shoes for men, boys, women and girls - all ages

  • Kids Games to play

  • Hotdogs, chips, snacks, snow cones and popcorn

  • Info desk with shopping bags

We watched with great anticipation as the line of guests grew and grew. Many were returning from last year. We saw new faces and old friends. Ms. Shirley, whose 5 acre property is where our O.A.K. Mission events first started, greeted everyone fondly with hugs and smiles. Like the town of Jellico, Ms. Shirley also looks forward to the annual Back 2 School Bash. Jellico is an old shut down coal mine community where poverty became the norm. Soon grandparents were raising their grandkids leaving a huge burden on those with a fixed income.

What moved our team of volunteers the most was seeing how excited the kids were to have clothing. You would’ve thought those kids would’ve been outside playing all the fun games and eating all the snowcones. But NO! They were searching through the clothes next to those who were raising them. They were so excited to score new shoes. One little boy told his dad “wow, I really scored some good clothes daddy!” Our hearts melted.

As we served through the day, we continually heard how much this meant to them. One grandma shared that she’s got 4 grandkids to care for now and she felt the weight of that responsibility. Another grandma brought 8 children along and the school supplies and food made them all cheery. She was battling cancer and had just lost a son. Her daughter was there to help with them all.

A young couple delighted in the baby clothes as they prepare for the arrival of their newest family member.

An elderly man who had lost his wife the year he got cancer and still missed her greatly. He came with his daughter, her husband and granddaughter. They stayed the duration and he bid us farewell when they left.

Showing compassion never fails to fill our hearts to the brim. It was a truly incredible day of spreading joy and loving on grateful people in Jellico, TN.

We know November may seem far off from the heat of Summer, but it will be here before we know it! Go ahead and open your calendars and SAVE THE DATE now!

We are so excited to be hosting this year's Thanksgiving of Hope banquet at The Emerald Clarksville. It's going to a great night! We have lots of exciting updates and announcements for the future.

We hope you will join us.


Your Generosity at Work

It’s unbelievable how worlds collide!

Rachael is an old friend of one of our team members. She recently posted on Facebook looking for a bunk bed set for her two grandsons that were having to relocate with their dad because of family hardships. Once our team member saw the post, she knew we could help…but what she didn’t know was that the family had relocated. Of all places they would go in the world, we could connect them to the resource of Yaipak Outreach Texas!!

When we found out they had all moved to TX and were not actually located in Clarksville to pick up the bunk bed set, we tried to formulate the plan. Our founder, Sherry, was headed to Katy, TX just two weeks later and that in itself was a miracle since we have not gone since February! Another miracle…they only lived a little over two hours away and could plan to meet Sherry at the warehouse to receive the bunk beds!

Project Foster Hope is so much more than a project filling bags with clothes and toys. It is also tangible restarts for families doing everything they can to be FAMILY!

How cool is it that our TN and TX Chapters collided for this one family that has been in both places?!? There’s only One that can do something that cool!

We are grateful to be a part in these stories. Stepping stones to stability, healing and restoration!

Thank you for YOUR generosity. Because you give, we get to share these miracles!


How You Can Help

Amazon Smile is discontinuing but your impact doesn't have to! Please visit the new shopping links below to pick which project you would love to be a part of! Thank you so very much for your continued generosity. We sincerely appreciate every donation we received that allows us to provide support for the projects we deliver.

We’ve now set up 4 different WISH lists so you can choose the project you’d like to shop for online. Project Foster Hope: Project Patriot Hope: Be The Hope: Project Rebuild Hope:

You ARE making a difference!


Volunteer Spotlight


With the warehouse under construction, we needed to temporarily move the Rylee Room OUT of the Rylee Room! For those who don’t know, this is the room we have set up for our foster families to come in and “shop” for clothing and shoes, among other things. We make every effort for this to be a special experience for them. Wanting to keep it that way while in a warehouse setting, we asked this group of volunteers to help us move everything to it’s temporary location in one of our bays and set it up to be shopped.

Because of the phenomenal job they did helping us set this up, we have been able to keep a full schedule of visits for foster families.

Small acts make a BIG difference.

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